Supervision, Instruction, and Consultation

Supervision: We provide supervision to therapists seeking their license and therapists who are seeking to hone their expertise with adolescents and family therapy. This can be conducted on an individual basis or with groups of therapists. We also provide supervision to aspiring therapists who are currently in graduate school.

Instruction: We provide workshops for agencies who wish to train their staff in the areas of family therapy and family functioning, ADHD, Conduct Disorder, adolescent sexual aggression, and mental health disorders. We also work with corrections agencies to teach administration of the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory, Level of Service Inventory - Revised. We are able to teach the general mechanics of motivational interviewing but we are not a certified MINT trainer. We can teach about Aggression Replacement Therapy and provide workshops to conduct Thinking for a Change groups.

Presentations: We conduct presentations at conferences on a variety of issues involving the treatment of adolescents, parenting adolescents, and mental health issues.

Consultation: We have many years experience in adolescent-sex-offender and adolescent-corrections program development and improvement. We are available for consultation in any of these areas.