Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations are a very important part of the treatment process. We begin each therapeutic relationship by ascertaining therapeutic goals and evaluating problems. These goals and problems are revealed via your perceptions and life experiences.

We will discuss ideas about the appropriate course of therapy upon completion of the evaluation. You will be included in any decisions regarding your therapy. If psychological testing is needed to understand you or your child’s issues, we will recommend the appropriate test(s) after consulting with you. We will also review the results of any testing in easily understandable terms.

Psychological evaluations include interviews with clients, interviews with family members, information from relevant agencies and therapists, and psychological testing. Below is a list of specific evaluations that we perform.

  • Psychological evaluations for adults, adolescents, and children to determine an accurate mental health diagnosis
  • ADHD evaluations for adults, adolescents, and children
  • Sex Offender evaluations for adolescents
  • Psychological Evaluations for adults and adolescents involved in the court system